Melon Gondola (v)

A delicious fresh melon boat served with a selection of fanned strawberries and raspberry coulis £3.00


Braveheart pate served with either toast, melba toast or oatcakes garnished with salad and hollandaise sauce £3.50

Hummus with warmed Pitta Breads (v)

A classic Greek Hummus with lemon and Garlic served with warmed pitta breads garnished with lemon and cherry tomatoes £3.50

Greek Salad (v)

A selection of fresh crispy salad with feta cheese and olives £3.50

Haggis Stack

A tower of Scottish Haggis, creamy mash and neeps served with a Whisky sauce £4.00

Vegetable Tartlets (v)

Delicious flaky pastry with a selection of fillings
Ie brie and leek
Camembert and red onion £4.00


Lentil Soup Summer / Winter (v)
A firm favourite and a highly popular choice. Tailored to the season. £3.00

Carrot and Coriander (v)
A light and fragrant soup. £3.00

Scotch Broth
A meat based hearty soup. Perfect for winter weddings! £3.50

Leek and potato (v)
A filling soup with delicious chunks of veg £3.50

Tomato and Basil (v)
A richly flavoured healthy option £3.50

An Italian Classic ! £4.00

All soups served with continental bread rolls and Scottish butter


Braveheart Weddings

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